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Where are the older beatboxers?

by Archangel


Bloodycut tells us why he thinks the older generation should get more involved.


Archangel interviews Bloodycut

You’ve recently blogged about how older members of the beatboxing community don’t interact as much as the younger generation, especially online. What made you think about this topic and why?

I was just turning thoughts around in my head. Many older people have asked me how to do so called 'beatboxing' and so on. I got the idea to open new area for them. I think the generation gap is the reason for the lack of interaction. Older people don't follow younger interests and vice versa. Maybe I'm generalising but each generation's interests have moved apart. I have even heard from younger people that feel the older generation look down their nose at youth interests. This is an alert because I don't see beatboxing is for young people only.

Do you think this lack of participation is detrimental to the scene?

Yes certainly, because most of the beatboxers that started in the early eighties have stopped. They don't show their skills and/or perform much any more. Their original enthusiasm hasn't lasted with age. It catches only young people. The audience is too young. This doesn't mean that I'm age ageist or hate of young people. I think I'm the oldest in our beatboxing scene here in Finland at a moment. How many people my age still beatbox? Only a few beatboxers are older than me but they're not active in our scene. Their golden age was the early eighties, and I think this is a global phenomenon. Maybe older beatboxers don't dare come out and show their skills. Contemporary social pressure means it's difficult for older people to do things that might be considered childish, or 'for the youths'. This kind of stereotype increases the beatboxing gulf between generations.


Beatboxing is a youth scene, with the majority of people being between 15-20 years old. Perhaps the thing is that most people don’t take their beatboxing beyond a hobby, so they tend to drop out of the scene after a few years?

Yes this is a common opinion in general discussion. Beatboxing has long history but, somehow, in a short way. I think the reason is it's still a subculture, even though beatboxing has come from the underground to the public. Being part of the public consciousness hasn't harmed the subculture. Beatboxing is not like schlager music which is more suited to an older generation. In some opinions beatboxing is not music at all. It's like comic or stand up. This stereotype is harmful. And back to question man hehe. Young people are used to spending everything quickly. They think beatboxing is like a toy which is interesting for some years and after that it can be thrown to trash. Many young people try this and that. Why don't they stop for a while? The maturity comes after youth. Maybe after consuming hysteria comes real enthusiasm which took your heart and soul for hobby. I wish this maturity would come to beatboxing also. Beatboxing is a friend not a toy.


How do you think the older generation of beatboxers could become more involved in the scene as a whole?

I think it is everyone's mission who has beatboxed for more than 3-5 years to be more involved. Older beatboxers know their roots. They should teach them to the younger generation. That knowledge is not rubbish, it's very valuable. It's about respect which is multidimensional concept. Every beatboxer can think about what it means. This respect, and working hand to hand, should function seamlessly. Both generations have a responsibility to help beatboxing develop and move forward to future. My blog's purpose is to help older people get information about beatboxing. It's been written with words which are nearer to their thoughts and visions. We should also remove those borders about global stereotypes. Beatboxing is everyone's hobby no matter what your age.

What are your future plans for this topic?

I'm looking forward to build up a forum for older people who are interested in beatboxing and also older beatboxers. I'm opening a discussion for their ideas and developing. I've got something already in the works, but it's secret still. I'll fill my blog with new thoughts until our forum is open and then I'll move them there.

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