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Top 10 Beatbox Videos Aug 29


Beatbox Canada shoutouts, insane tag team jams, and more Dharni in this week's top 10 beatbox videos!

10. Chezame vs Lino Splash Beatbox Final

To kick it all off this week, we have the final of the Splash Beatbox Battle held in Germany. Chezame battles Lino in a battle filled with hiphop covers and a healthy daily dose of BeeLow.

9. Singapore Beatbox Championship

Big ups to the Singaporean beatbox community for hosting their first official national championship. This is only the first video of the entire day of battles - so be sure to check it out and leave a word of encouragement to our brothers and sisters at Singa Beatbox!

8. Bring It!: HeaveN Beatbox and the Dancing Dolls 

Okay a little change in scenery - kudos to Heaven for trying something new! Working with Lifetime, Heaven showcases his beatbox skills and pushes the art form further by partnering with the Dancing Dolls in this cool little piece. Best of luck Heaven with your career - keep pushing!

7. Zer0 v Fiasco | Beatbox-Rap

Online battles bring the most talented beatboxers around the world together and this battle between Fiasco and Zer0 really speaks for itself. Both put out some incredible routines that deserve a listen. If you have the chance, make sure you check out the beatbox-rap community and start battling with other beatboxers around the world!

6. Contrix & ABH Beatbox | Trap + DNB

PSA: Contrix is stepping up his video game! After announcing he'll be focusing on producing more content on his Youtube channel, he kicks it all off with this awesome duo piece with ABH. Truly one of the best drum and bass mashups we've seen.

5. SkilleR & Jahmmi Youth - Dreadbox connection

SkilleR and Jammi Youth combine their superpowers in this super awesome track - showing us that beatbox is a musical art form. More videos like this, please! #TKs

4. Sung Lee | Chainsmokers - Closer Beatbox Cover

Sung Lee from New York is absolutely killing the game right now with his beatbox covers. He's back at it again this time with his cover of the hit song "Closer" by the Chainsmokers who are now headlining all the huge EDM festivals. Sung Lee deserves to be on the big stage - someone sign him up!

3. Beatboxing in 6 Languages

Damnit - Dharni's back at it again with his language beatbox routines, but this time it's even more lovable. He brings his entire squad in this multilingual jam. Someone please find Ettoman a fresh pair of underwear?

2. Slizzer & Georgy - Guess Who's Back?

Okay if you want to hear the two cleanest beatboxers, here they are. We at humanbeatbox are super surprised that this video has only a few hundred views. This is one of the best tag team jams we've ever seen. The synergy is absolutely incredible - big up to both!


Okay what? I'm sure all of you beatbox fans have seen this video already, but we've watched this over and over again. This is one of the best routines we've ever seen! Incredible vocal bass on top of his musicality and cleanliness calls for one of the best shoutouts we've seen here on Swissbeatbox. Put this on repeat and show him some love!


And that's it for this week's top 10! If you enjoyed it, please be sure to like and share. If you enjoy this weekly roundup, we'd love to hear from you so please drop a comment below. See you soon, beatbox fam!

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