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The Beatbox Collective

The Beatbox Collective (TBC) is a group of the top beatbox talent in the UK.

Formed in Summer 2011, the collective first performed on the main stage for Shambala festival resulting in amazing crowd reactions and feedback. Many festival goers personally told TBC that they were the highlight of the festival. James Tayler of had this to say of the performance “An unexpected delight... Their vocal and range of instruments is incredible.”

TBC had humble beginnings in a rehearsal studio when 6 amazing beatboxers came together and started with the question “What do we do now?” The answer was an incredible jam format showcasing individual talents as well as group musicality and this translated perfectly to the stage.

With The Beatbox Collective, two shows are never the same and often the line-up of beatboxers is different as all members are solo artists in their own right. The second show at Hootananny, Brixton included only two original members from the Shambala show but still maintained the high standard, resulting in spectacular crowd reactions and an encore.

With TBCs shows, whether they are performing a showcase battle, passing the beat around, performing full tracks in unison or highlighting individual talents, you can always expect a mind-blowing, original and unique show that truly showcases the best of beatboxing in all of its forms.


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