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HUMANBEATBOX.COM was the world's first beatboxing community network! Started way back before there was MySpace, YouTube, Facebook or other social media networking sites. It is also the largest cross-platform network in the world.

Site Development


In December 2001, A-Plus registered and within days, he had put up a vBulletin forum - a stroke of genius. On that first day, several beatboxers signed up including names such as Banardo, TyTe, Emcee Live and Eliot who are still active members of the site today. In fact, TyTe, who runs the site today was member Number 3!

Check out this screenshot of the first HUMANBEATBOX.COM:


February 2002

A-Plus continued to develop the community and the Subdreamer CMS was used for non-forum content. In 2002, TyTe created the world's first beatboxing tutorials using text and some short MP3 recordings. In March 2003, the site was redesigned, rebranded and relaunched as HUMANBEATBOX.COM. In 2003, TyTe added 52 video tutorials to the site and in 2004 released the tutorials on the Learn to Beatbox Vol.1 DVD. In April 2003, the first international gathering (2003 World Beatbox Convention) organised by A-Plus with help from the team took place in London.


December 2002


March 2003


In late 2004, TyTe purchased the Web site from A-Plus and owned and ran the site for three years growing the membership from 6000 to 42000 members. The site was getting 100,000 unique visitors per month.


December 2003


January 2005


In 2007 Archangel purchased the site from TyTe growing the membership from 42000 members to almost 70000 members over a 7 year period.


August 2007

September 2008

September 2008

In 2010, with the upgrade to vBulletin 4, Archangel oversaw the move from the Subdreamer CMS to the vBulletin CMS.

November 2011

November 2011

Apr 2014 - Sept 2015

In April 2014, TyTe purchased the site from Archangel and from April 2014 to November 2014 developed a new vision and platform for HUMANBEATBOX.COM.

  • The site platform moved from vBulletin to WordPress.
  • The forum and users were migrated from vBulletin to bbPress (Wordpess)
  • The legacy Subdreamer and vBulletin articles were all moved.
  • We developed our own WordPress plugin to interface with the YouTube API
  • Retro drum machine interface design.
  • New format for custom post types and content!


The new site launched in Beta phase in Spring 2015.


Sept 2015 - Present

In September 2015, after gaining feedback from its members, HUMANBEATBOX.COM went through another redesign. This time the site layout was stripped back to a simpler, faster and sleeker design. The site removed the deprecated forum and backed up the old members and moved its discussion fully over to Facebook which now has over 10,000 members


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