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Mr. Mic beatbox


MR MiC from Tunisia

Name: Ahmed Zaghbouni

Beatboxer Name: MR MiC

Location: Tunisia

MR MiC is a beatboxer, YouTuber, traceur, stuntman, martial artist, and a film maker.
He started beatboxing when he was only 13 years old, inspired by some musicians like Bill Withers, Michael Jackson, and Michael Winslow. Since then, he has worked hard to improve his skills started performing in 2010.

His step by step improvement began initially by improving his acting and combining it with beatboxing. His goal is to make this art form well known in his home country, Tunisia - representing the Tunisian human beatbox community since 2014.

He started his journey on YouTube in May 2015 by making Omegle reaction videos and other beatboxing videos. MR MiC also carries a passion for parkour, participating in the sport since 2006 while practicing Karate as well. In 2008, he made his team Parkour Eagles, which launched his parkour journey.

Contact & Follow:

YouTube : MR MiC
Twitter: @MRMiCOfficial
Vine: @MRMiCOfficial

Email: [email protected]

All these art forms are made not only to be practiced but to be loved. My only goal now is not to be the best but to learn the best and know the best. - MR MiC


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