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Sid Prem | Premonition from Atlanta, Georgia


Premonition | Beatboxer Profile

Beatbox Name: Premonition

Full Name: Sid Prem

Tag Team: Fifth Floor

Crew: Buzzbeats

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Premonition is a beatboxer based in Atlanta, Georgia who was inspired to start beatboxing in 2013 by Choice Beats, one of the founders of their beatbox club on their college campus, Buzzbeats. He particularly enjoys musical beatboxing, loopstations and battling. He cites his inspirations are NaPoM, Gene, Chris Celiz, Dharni, Alexinho, and Reeps One.

Titles & Accomplishments:

►TOP 16 | SOLOS | 2016 American Beatbox Championships
►TOP 8 | TAG TEAM | 2016 American Beatbox Championships

Contact & Social

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