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VBeatbox | Vietnamese Beatbox Community


VBeatbox spearheads the rapidly growing Vietnamese beatbox culture

VBeatbox - Vietnamese Beatbox Community was created in 2011, originated from the biggest Beatbox website in Vietnam ( On January 12th, 2014, VBeatbox separated from the website and focused on Facebook sdue to its popularity and efficiency like many other beatbox websites.

VBeatbox is the first and the biggest online beatbox community of the country to this day and recognizes how quickly the beatbox community not only internationally but domestically as well. VBeatbox provides a wide variety of content from news to vlogs, tutorials, online/offline events and host of shoutout videos.

Vbeatbox has been bridging beatboxers from all over the country together, bringing exposure to exciting Vietnamese talent through a platform for beatboxers to showcase their abilities and style. Vbeatbox ultimately encourages beatboxers to be creative, be engulfed in beatbox culture, and get the most out of what they do.


► Creative director/Graphic Designer: Trung Bao
► Senior editor: Mixkey
► Community manager: Hung Dub
► Content providers: Doan Khoa, Duy Andy

Where you can find them:

Facebook | YouTube

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