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Ram Z is one of the most exciting loopstation talents

Ram Z - The Human SoundSystem

Ram Z from the UK is one of the most exciting loopstation talents in Europe.

Ramzi Jordan, also known as Ram Z the HumanSoundsytem, is a UK-based musician who focuses primarily on producing loving, conscious, uplifting vocal electronic music by only using his voice and a loopstation. Although growing up with blues, soul, rock, and metal, he grew close to the psychedelic trance universe.

He now produces music inspired by deep and psychedelic electronic music, reggae, and ragga jungle. The powerful and dignified performer continues to take his music to the streets, captivating thousands of people using his intriguing sets that draw curiosity and connection through beatboxing.

Ram Z is currently developing the world's first ever Vocal Psy Trance sessions in combination with his diverse loopstation sets. His biggest hits at the moment are "Time For Love" and "One World".

Ram Z's best is yet to come - we can guarantee that.

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