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Asia Beatbox Battle 2016

Asia Beatbox Battle Is Finally Here!

The Asian beatbox community is one of the fastest growing scenes in the world. In 2015, the organizers of TWBeatbox, Japan Beatbox Association, and Hong Kong Beatbox decided to form the Asia Beatbox Association and ultimately launch the Asia Beatbox Championship.

Be excited. Very excited.

Dharni, Pe4enkata, and Zede will be present in this monumental event, where they will be judging the top 12 beatboxers in Asia. The top 4 competitors of Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong will represent their countries along with 5 of the best wildcard entries to battle it out in the huge stage set in Taipei, Taiwan.

“I knew holding a battle in Taiwan wasn’t enough and that we had to work together to push the scene forward.” – Mic Lee

Here are all the details:

When? August 8th, 2016

Where? Taipei, Taiwan

Jury: Dharni, Pe4enkata, ZeDe


(1) Start with the sentence “My name is…, and I want to win a Asia Beatbox Championship Wildcard’’ in the beginning of your video.

(2) The maximum clip length is limited to 120 seconds.

(3) The Asia Beatbox Championship Wildcard Competition is only suitable for 16+ years and above.

(4) Tag the wildcard video in the description and the title with the hash-tag: #ABC2016

(5) Record your wildcard video in a good sound quality on an exceptional location.

(6) We only accept the human beatboxing sounds, no other instruments except your mouth, voice, and your body.

(7) Do not copy other beatboxers’ routines.

(8) The deadline of the video competition is: 30th of June 2016 - 23:59pm (GMT+8)

(9) We are open for the beatboxers from the entire Asian continent.

(10) Judging: Originality (40%) / Musicality (40%) / Technique (30%). Based on the judges’ scoring, FIVE wildcard winners will be chosen.

(11) We will upload all the wildcard videos will add to YouTube channel playlist and post it on the official website.



(1) Send the personal information to the official E-mail: [email protected]

- Full Name

- Artist name

- Nationality

- Date of Birth

- Link of Wildcard Video

- Phone Numbers

- Email


For More info:

Asia Beatbox Association website:

Asia Beatbox Association fanpage:

Asia Beatbox Association twitter: @asiabeatbox

Asia Beatbox Association instagram: @asiabeatbox

Asia Beatbox Association YouTube:


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