• XLR defined.


    The XLR connector is a three pin electrical connector that is found professional audio, video, and stage lighting equipment. It is typically the type of connector found on microphones and ...
  • USB defined.


    USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It's an industry standard method of connecting and transferring data between digital equipment. As USB standards have changed they add a number - e.g. ...
  • Phono (RCA) defined.

    Phono (RCA)

    A phono (RCA) plug is a plug for connecting consumer audio equipment. It has a central pin and then a ring sleeve. Phono cables are usually mono and coloured red ...
  • Neutrik defined.


    Neutrik is a manufacturer of audio plugs and cables. They are considered to be the audio industry standard plug and often, if you purchase a lead - for example, a ...
  • Firewire defined.


    FireWire is Apple's name for the IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus used to connect digital audio equipment.
  • Jack defined.


    A jack plug is a plug at the end of a wire used to connect devices (typically analog). A jack plug can be found on the end of a pair ...
  • Wireless defined.


    A wireless device is a device that uses infrared, radio waves or Internet WI-FI to connect it to another piece of equipment.
  • Wired defined.


    A wired device is a piece of equipment that requires a physical cable or electric line to connect it to another piece of equipment.
  • Hyper-cardioid defined.


    Hyper-cardioid (or super-cardioid) is a microphone that picks up sound from the front, none from the side and a little from the rear. Hyper-cardioid mics are good for isolating musicians ...
  • Multi-pattern defined.


    A multi-pattern microphone is one that can change its polar pattern - i.e. how it picks up sound from the front, rear and sides. A multi-pattern microphone usually has a ...