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Beatbox Indo

Erwin Indrayana tells us about the Indonesian Beatboxing scene...


What is Beatbox Indo?

What’s good, beatboxers?! You might be confused what Beatbox Indo is so let me put you straight. Beatbox Indo is simply a shortened way of describing Beatbox Indonesia. If there happens to be some product out there with the same name then it's pure coincidence. So let me tell you a little bit about Beatbox Indo.

When did beatboxing come to Indonesia?

Beatboxing came to Indonesia at the middle of the 1990s, when hip-hop culture was well known. At this time, Iwa K was the most famous rapper in Indonesia and NBA was still on national television every week.

Iwa K

Iwa K

Who was the first Indonesian beatboxer?

We don’t know for sure, but from the Bandung Beatbox twitter a while back I came across JUNK D. He was beatboxing back in the 'Iwa K golden age Indonesian hip-hop era', and JUNK D still performs today. He recently joined the event from BANDUNG BEATBOX: COMEBACK THE LEGEND.

Junk D

Junk D

Bu it wasn't just JUNK D. In the middle of 1990s, TITZ G from FADE 2 BLACK had also been earning to beatbox since he was a kid. And in the 2000s, when TITZ G was an adult, he learned more and more about beatboxing.

Titz G

Titz G

Around 2005, BILLY BDABX appeared on the first national television talent show. After that, TITZ and BILLY met on the Internet and formed the Jakarta Beatbox Community. This grew into the Indonesian Beatbox Community, and MANDO from Germany joined at the launch party in Goethe Haus Jakarta.



The Internet has helped the Indonesian Beatbox Community grow bigger and it is now known as Indobeatbox.

What is Beatbox Indo?

Beatbox Indo has so many communities and groups in every city in Indonesia. Bee Low, leader of Beatbox Battle TV noted that Indonesia was the number one country that accessed the Beatbox Battle TV Youtube channel.

What is the Beatbox Indo style?

In terms of beatboxing skill, Beatbox Indo has many aspects to it combining technicality, musicality and entertainment. Some beatboxers also mix their beatboxing with traditional music and this is why it 'tastes' so Indonesian.

What’s good about Beatbox Indo?

In Indonesia, we have to be proud because there are so many talented beatboxers who contribute to the quality of the global beatboxing scene.

What's not so good about Beatbox Indo?

It seems that there are only a few people who really care about the development of Beatbox Indo. Many beatboxers think only about their own skill and getting to perform at as many events as possible. There are quite a few egos around! Commercialisation is rife with beatboxers seeking to make money but not caring about the scene that helped them grow and develop their artform.

And finally...

It's important to talk about the Beatbox Indo scene. The most important thing is that we all love to beatbox and and are working together to push the scene forward.

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