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Grand Beatbox Battle 2017 Live!

Grand Beatbox Battle 2017: LIVE

Live updates and news for the 2017 Grand Beatbox Battle!

The Grand Beatbox Battle is one of the most anticipated battles of the year, starring the most accomplished beatboxers from all around the world to compete. Dubbed also as the 'annual World Championships,' Grand Beatbox Battle always proves to be an incredible spectacle.

Here are the live results:


Quarter Finals:
Thorsen [DENMARK] vs Penkyx [BELGIUM] : Winner: Penkyx
Robin [FRANCE]  v Tioneb [FRANCE] Winner: Tioneb
MB14 [FRANCE] v Slizzer [LUXEMBOURG]: Winner: MB14
Camero [SWITZERLAND]  v Saro [FRANCE] : Winner: Saro

Semi Finals:
Penkyx v Tioneb: Winner: Tioneb
MB14 v Saro: Winner: Saro

Small Final:
Penkyx v MB14: Winner: MB14


Saro v Tioneb: Winner: Saro


Quarter Finals:

Alexinho v. TwoH: Winner: Alexinho
Trung Bao v. Efaybee: Winner: Trung Bao
Hiss v. Slizzer: Winner: Hiss
Napom v. Jayton: NaPoM

Semi Finals:

Hiss v. Alexinho: Winner: Hiss

NaPoM v. Trung Bao: Winner: NaPoM

Small Final:

Alexinho v. Trung Bao: Winner: Alexinho


Hiss v. NaPoM

Grand Beatbox Battle 2017 Champion: NAPOM

Tag Team:

Mad Twinz v Spider Horse Winner: Mad Twinz
Costik Storm v A & Z: Winner: A&Z

Grand Beatbox Battle 2017 Tag Team Champion: Mad Twinz

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