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Politics in Beatbox

Should we mix politics with beatbox?

Let’s talk about how politics is entering beatbox

Ah 2017, the year where we ride off the wave of one of the most highly divisive political campaigns in recent history. With tensions high and voices loud from both ends of the political spectrum, it was only a matter of time before politics entered the world of beatbox.

Plenty of politically charged conversations and routines in our community existed in the past - some about sexuality, others about the divide between men and women - but the most blatant example is Madox’s recent video, “The World F*cked Up,” where some lyrics include “Donald Trump and brainwashed white cops,” and “rich kids rule the world, quality drops down.”

Anyways, Madox holds nothing back and makes his message clear. Whether or not you agree with this message, the argument I want to focus on today is this: should we mix politics with beatbox?

Madox’s Routine

Before we dig deeper into the subject, I just wanted to point out Madox’s incredible work in this video. The production quality is a joy to behold and the routine is gold - definitely one of the best original routines we’ve seen as of late.

From a pure musical perspective, this was phenomenal. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. However, the real debate stems from the somewhat controversial lyrics.

Freedom of Expression

Beatbox is an art form, which means that it serves as a medium for free expression. Whether the intention is to draw awe or disgust, true art is bold and unfiltered. The beauty of creative self-expression lies in going against the grain and going against conventional rules in order to represent one’s unique emotions.

Limiting what we can say and what we can’t say obstructs our ability to fully express ourselves.

But is beatbox supposed to be lyrical?

On the flipside, beatbox is the common ground that holds our diverse community together. The beauty of beatbox is pushing political biases aside and joining together as musicians. Beatbox breaks down barriers of language and political differences, which makes jams so mystifyingly uniting and battles so clean (for the most part).

Lyrics now opens up a can of worms. If we start using beatbox as a platform to push our personal beliefs, that poses a danger of pushing more than political preferences, but also touchy subjects like religion and spirituality as well.

Do platforms like HBB, SBX, and BTV now hold the responsibility of monitoring what is being said? This will certainly pose a difficult challenge in the future, especially when trying to identify where the line is drawn.

So, where is the line drawn?

Madox makes an interesting point in the comments section of the video, pointing out that mainstream music these days is normally charged with some sort of agenda: whether it’s about a lifestyle about sex, drugs, or crime. The difference is that the messaging is usually delivered more covertly. He continues by highlighting how powerful messaging in music is and that the boldest of musicians become the greatest critics of what’s happening in this world.

There is such a fine line between sending a message and creating a rift.

Beatbox for positivity

We try our best to remain neutral here on HBB, so I’m going to speak on personal terms.

I believe I share a common sentiment with the beatbox community: beatbox should always be used for positivity and awareness. As long as our art form is being used for good, I believe that we should continue to express our opinions and thoughts freely.

I do have faith in our community’s judgment. So many times in the past we’ve seen the positive messages eclipse the bad - and our community will always support those who choose to use their beatbox talent for good.

We want to hear from you

What do you think, human beatbox family? Where is the line drawn? Should politics stay out of beatbox entirely or should we continue to express ourselves with no holds barred?

Let us know in the comments below and let’s talk beatbox.



  1. AreLo 25 January, 2017 at 12:31

    The idea of having politics in our beatboxing is not something that is absurd. Music in general has shown many forms messages and politics has tied with music. Beatboxing has given so much free expression that any topic should be involved with beatboxing.
    Having a negative connotation in a beatbox routine can be said with no restriction but it doesn’t mean its right or wrong. This implies to also anything that involves expression.

    Whether its a rift or message doesn’t really matter because it shouldn’t be the biggest case from preventing creativity.
    Sharing Creativity is another thing.
    The Platforms like HBB, SBX, BTV , and other platforms, are basically our publications for our beats.
    These platform will decide how much they allows us to say in the media.
    If one decides to deny our expression in our beatboxing, then other platforms will be created.
    In the end it will come down what audiences these platform are aiming towards.

    Positivity in beatboxing is the way to go but that is never the case in any passion or hobby.
    We will be seeing things that people will be disgusted in our community, messages people don’t wanna see, and stereotypes that the community will always deal with.
    Whether it is good or bad, whether its just or unjust, limiting such things doesn’t solve the problem.
    It is important to be informed and to be aware how the community is gonna diversify even more in the future.
    Taking these obstacles head on.
    As a community, for the values we share, we will remain a family.
    As always, show maximum respect.

  2. MAK 24 January, 2017 at 09:27

    First of all big up Humanbeatbox for being so inventive and bringing us all closer.

    My personal opinion, in terms of politics and beatboxing is that it shouldn’t be a main focus or driving mechanism for beatboxers (the motivation should be our love) BUT if something that is quite clear like donald trump and his bigotry then whats the harm in raising the awareness.

    As a muslim me and my community are increasingly becoming victims of this bigotry, online more than anywhere and to see beatboxers and other communities speaking out against brings back faith in humanity.

    Bottom line is there is so much negativity in the world and the beatboxing community is the exact opposite. I’m glad that Maddox filtered that out and was brave enough to speak out. Besides his politic agenda it is a fact donald trump presidency has sparked hatred on many communities (black, LGBT and muslims)

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