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Why practicing beatbox leads to creative freedom

Why practice is the answer to creative freedom

Let’s dig into why practicing your beatboxing leads to creative freedom.

I had a conversation with Faya Braz the other day about the 5 stages of beatbox expertise and like in most of our conversations, he brought up a golden nugget of wisdom.

“Practicing is freedom,” he said.

In order to achieve what we want to, we must have the discipline to pursue our artistic and professional goals.

The value of discipline

The word “discipline” is associated with so many negative words these days that the word itself feels like a limitation to one’s creative growth. The word discipline feels like you’re tied down, you have to obey the rules, or play someone else’s game.

However, Aristotle once stated: “through discipline comes freedom.”

How does this make any sense?

Think about the greatest musicians, athletes, or scientists that you know of. They all got to where they are now because of their commitments to their goals and by pushing themselves to continually become better versions of themselves.

There are days when I’m completely cloudy headed and the day goes by without me realizing it. Then I feel guilty that I didn’t get anything accomplished and start heading towards a slippery slope of negativity. But there is a way to avoid this.

Make your own rules

Having discipline doesn’t mean you are strictly held by someone else’s rules. You might have jobs, school, or you might be a beatboxer full time, which means you’ll have to make daily routines and rules around those situations you can’t control.

Try implementing a small change in your daily routine that is not a huge task to keep up with. Here are a few examples:

  • Set aside 20 minutes a day to practice only beatbox - straight and without any distractions
  • Read or journal for 30 minutes before you sleep
  • Don't check your phone until you're dress and read to go to work or school in the morning (airplane mode)
  • Meditate for 10 minutes a day (try apps like headspace)

Clearing room for creativity

As you slowly build discipline and gain more control over your schedule and what you want to accomplish from day to day, you will naturally become less anxious about what’s to come. This also means extra brain space for you to focus on your creative endeavors!

Be disciplined about practice

Tying back to what Faya Braz said, if you want to take beatboxing seriously, you will have to be disciplined about your practice time.

Even if you don’t practice 15 hours a day like Pen4enkata, be disciplined in setting time aside to focus fully on building your routines and techniques. Start with 30 minutes and build your way up to an hour of full concentration while practicing. Remember, it’s not the time that matters, it’s the dedication and focus.

Keep your laptop shut and your phone off and focus!

When you are in a battle but your bro drops a sick beat. Only love at a Beatbox battle!

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So what do you say, human beatbox family? Are you ready to stay disciplined? 

Thanks for liking, sharing, and commenting! Until next time.


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