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Choicebeats Lalit Devraj


Choicebeats | Beatboxer Profile

Beatboxer name: Choicebeats

Full name: Lalit Devraj

Country: USA

Crew: Buzzbeats


Lalit has been beatboxing since 2007 and it has shaped who he is today. He was born and raised in the US but attended high school in India. He got to know about beatboxing just before his move to India, resulting in the majority of his beatbox development taking place in India.

Like this, Choicebeats had the opportunity of being one of the pioneers of the Indian Beatbox Community. Coming back to America for college (Georgia Tech), he was determined to keep beatboxing as a part of his life. BuzzBeats, Atlanta's premier beatbox group, was then founded by Choicebeats himself and Kevin Kapoor (KevinwithaK).

In the past, BuzzBeats opened for famous artists such as 3OH!3, Dev, and B.o.B. Through BuzzBeats, an event called The Summit came to fruition- a beatbox battle held twice a year which allows beatboxers in the Southeastern region of the United States to come together and battle and jam. With time, it aims to become its own event, like a "Down South Battle," similar to the Midwest Battle.

Interview with Choicebeats

What do you want to achieve through beatbox?

I am still discovering what I want to achieve with beatbox- I do not consider myself neither a pure battler nor musician yet. I feel that with my background in the Performing Arts, primarily stage, there will be an application of beatbox within that realm.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Reeps One was my inspiration in my formative years but I have realized that what inspires me daily is the rapid progression of others within our community, for example the likes of those such as Trung Bao, Villain, Kenny Urban, and NaPoM, just to name a few.

Who are your favorite beatboxers?

I have too many favorite beatboxers haha! Kenny and NaPoM's beats give me so much energy if I'm listening through earphones while Mark Martin and Kaila Mullady definitely kill it on stage! I am a big fan of BMG, Fredy Beats, Alexinho and so many others!

Final Thoughts?

For me, Beatbox is a part of who I am. It is how a sword can be wielded - you chose what to do with the power that you have with beatbox. It is amazing because you can push the limits and barriers and keep on going, finding new dimensions of the art. It is something you cannot lose because it is always with you. It is an attribute that allows you to be a part of a loving community. There is so much to it, there is just no one perfect definition.


1st place - The Summit (2014,2015,2016)

1st place - Indian Beatbox Championship (2013)

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