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Double-M | Beatboxer Profile

Beatboxer Name: Double-M
Full name: Atallah Mohamed
Country: Oujda, Morocco
Crew: Passagers (Group)


Double-M is a beatboxer from Morocco and is a part of an association called Passagers. This has helped Double-M to improve his self as an artist. He started beatboxing at the age of 10 years old in 2006. He started out by trying to copy some sounds that his friends were doing, and didn't really know what beatboxing was quite yet. In 2010, he saw some videos on Youtube, which led him to the Skiller and Reeps One video if the “Beatboxers have a chat” and thought it was the insane people could do that.

Double-M also competed in the HBB World Online Beatbox Championships in 2016, making it into the top 16 and lost to Hiss (S Korea) in the first round.

“I love Alem, Reeps One, Dharni, KIM, Zede; I love all the beatboxers in the world hahaha!”

What do you want to achieve through beatbox?

I joined [the group] Passagers which made my beatbox life better; I am so thankful to this group!

I wanna be known in the beatbox world because its been 10 years that I beatbox and  no one knows me! [Laughter] It’s bad when you see yourself improving and no one can hear you. I want to participate in battle and meet others beatboxers. Beatboxing is my passion!

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Music was one of my first inspiration. I can do all styles. I mean I wanna work on everything in beatboxing music; technique, structure, flow, rhythm… everything!

Skiller is my favorite beatboxer because he is insane. I tried to copy his beats sometimes but Skiller is too complicated to copy because he got some beats that you will never copy.


►TOP 16 | World Online Beatbox Championships (2016)

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