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Beatboxer Name: NaPoM

Full Name: Neil Meadows

Country: USA

Crew: The Beatbox House


Neil Meadows, AKA, NaPoM is a Pennsylvania native and a member of the Brooklyn based group, The Beatbox House.

NaPoM discovered beatbox on YouTube in 2011. Since then he has developed his unique liproll style, citing his desire to create a continuous sound. He stated his first liproll he learned was imitating fellow beatboxer, Alem's liproll, who he had to battle for the title of World Champion.

Vice World Beatbox Champion 2015, NaPoM

In 2014, he won his first battles at the Midwest Beatbox Battles, followed by the 2014 American Beatbox Championships where he took the title as the 5th American champs; a title that he took again in 2015. At the 4th Beatbox Battles World Championships he place second as well as the Grand Beatbox Battles 2016.

NaPoM did not compete in 2016 at the American Beatbox Championships because he was judging in international battles in Asia.

In 2017, NaPoM travelled again to Grand Beatbox in 2017 to become the third member of the Beatbox House to take home the title; Gene Shinozaki won in 2015 and Kenny Urban the year after.


►CHAMPION - Midwest Beatbox Battle (2014)

►CHAMPION - American Beatbox Championships (2014, 2015)

►CHAMPION - Grand Beatbox Battles (2017)

►VICE-WORLD CHAMPION - Beatbox Battles World Championships (2015)

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