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Beatbox Judging Criteria Defined

All Beatbox Judging Criteria Defined

Here are all the judging criteria you need to know

Whether you’re planning to judge or take part in a battle, it’s important to know how to fully understand what it takes to create a fantastic routine. In this article, we’re going to briefly define all the judging criteria and also include some links to more in-depth articles if you’re interested in learning more.

Let’s get started.


Musicality is probably the most difficult criteria to define, especially because our interpretations of music are all different. Essentially, the term musicality is defined as the quality of being melodious and tuneful with tastefulness in rhythm and harmoniousness.

Many people think that any good singer is automatically a musical beatboxer. While that might be true, it’s also because the routines are structured with mindful attention to detail of musical elements like tone, volume, and balance.

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Technicality is defined as being mechanically proficient in one’s craft. What that means is that the sounds and patterns that are performed are inherently difficult to execute, and requires precision in technique.

We like to describe technicality as being more mathematical, where technical proficiency requires a strong understand of tempo, time signatures, and music theory, and ultimately not taking into consideration any emotional aspects to a routine.

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Finding your own style and creating your own routines is probably one of the biggest challenges beatboxers face. Originality proves that you are able to challenge yourself creatively and contribute something back to the universe.

It should be noted that being completely original is impossible. All things are inspired from something else or somewhere else!
We believe that imitating certain styles and sets helps you obtain a better grasp of new techniques and sets a benchmark to where you want to be. However, once you’re up on stage and are ready to showcase yourself as an artist, you should always come up with your own material.

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A beatboxer who excels in showmanship performs in a manner where the audience is fully engaged and entertained while the message of one’s music is well communicated. There are many elements that go into showmanship, in both battles and showcases. Some of these include crowd control, eye contact, stage presence, energy, and confidence.

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Don’t limit yourself!

And to wrap it all up, we highly encourage you to not limit yourself as an artist. It’s easy to call yourself a technical beatboxer and categorize another as a musical beatboxer, but in reality, most of these criteria are open to interpretation and have really blurred lines.

It’s important to always keep an open mind and continue to push yourself in every way you can!

Oh and be sure to read our article about a few more judging terms you should know. Thanks for reading!

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