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Rising Beatbox YouTube Channels

16 Rising beatbox YouTube channels you should subscribe to

Want to binge on more beatbox videos? We’ve got you covered.

Beatbox Battle TV, Swissbeatbox and Beatbox TV put out incredible beatbox content daily, but there also so many great YouTube channels that are rising through the ranks. Ranging from Uber videos, to shoutouts, and online battles - it’s very encouraging to see our beatbox family continue to grow (and provide the beatbox family amazing content!)

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Anyways, we’ve highlighted for you the best 16 up-and-coming beatbox YouTube channels that produce creative content consistently. If there’s anyone you think we’ve missed, let us know in the comments!

16. Beatbox Mexico

The Mexican community is one of the fastest growing beatbox communities in the world and home to lots of fantastic beatbox talent. Beatbox Mexico provides stunning coverage of the growing community and definitely deserves more attention.

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15. North American Beatbox

North American Beatbox aims to promote beatbox talent all across the continent through a diverse set of shoutout videos. They also work on cool projects like the ‘Women’s series,’ featuring all the best female beatboxers from all around the world.

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14. Spanish Beatbox Battle

Spanish Beatbox Battle brings fantastic coverage of the Spanish national championships. You’ll see in the video above, the entire event was wonderfully produced and deserves so much more love. The final will go down in beatbox history as one of the best!

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13. Beatbox International

Beatbox International started as just as Whatsapp group, but now produces some of the dopest shout out videos. Based in the UK, these guys work hard to showcase lots of hidden beatbox talent to look out for!

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12. Korea Beatbox

You’ve probably heard of Two.H and Hiss, but there are beatboxers like Dolphin, WinG, and Huckle who are taking the community by storm. Korea Beatbox is improving their content quality by the day and will be hosting the very first national Korean Beatbox Championships in 2017.

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11. Belgian Beatbox Session

Belgian Beatbox Session is home to many gems like the video above. They showcase a myriad of fantastic, high-quality showcases from all the best beatboxers across Europe and local Belgian beatbox talent as well. Give them a shout!

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10. Rubik

There aren’t a lot of beatbox personalities out there on YouTube - Rubik adds a fresh new dimension to the community through his funny videos. He opens beatbox Snapchats, does shoutouts, tells stories, and goes on Omegle from time to time. All great stuff!

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9. Asia Beatbox

The Asia Beatbox Championships is one of the most well-produced events of the year, bringing in the brightest talent from all over Asia. Their video coverage of the event is immense and really sets the bar high for beatbox events all around the world. Check out the 2016 Asia Champs videos along with their studio showcases - they’re all mint.

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8. Beatbox Canada

Beatbox Canada hosts great events like the Canadian Beatbox Championships, the Great North Championships, and the UNITY Charity Beatbox Battles - all in super duper high quality. Their dedicated team continues to push the Canadian beatbox community forward, so I challenge you to take a look for yourself. The 2016 Canadian Beatbox Championships was a joy to watch!

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7. TylaDubya

Our friend TylaDubya is stepping it up with some really creative videos as of late, including themed freestyle routines and Snapchat impressions! If you want to learn new sounds, hear new routines, or just want to binge-watch him wow-ing people on Omegle, you should subscribe! #PrimalFear

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6. Mad Twinz

The SoundHunter series by the Mad Twinz has to be one of our favorite video series by beatboxers. Essentially, they go out and record weird noises and then sample them into really fire tracks. The super Russian duo from Kaliningad push themselves creatively every day and their masterful beatboxing is a true testament to it!

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TAKAHiRO is a fairly new beatbox channel that is bringing the incredible Japanese beatbox community to the forefront with their high-quality videos. It’s safe to say that they’ll only continue to get better. There are so many beatboxers that we’ve never heard before and seeing them unearthed is inspiring!

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4. Track IX

Track IX made a name for herself through her super helpful beatbox tutorial videos, but she’s now taking it up a notch and is beginning to produce some really fire tracks. Whether it’s a cover or starring in a Chinese commercial - Track IX is killing it.

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3. B-Art

The Dutch superstar is producing high-quality videos left and right, showcasing his new sounds, routines and adventures (and viral baby videos). If there ever was a time to jump on and watch B-Art’s crazy craftsmanship, it is now. #MurdaMe

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2. Mr. Wobbles

If you love beatboxing and you want to watch videos other than shoutouts, Mr. Wobbles is the perfect guy to satisfy your craving for fresh beatbox content. This guy is bursting onto the scene and pushing from all fronts, making entertaining videos like his largely successful beatbox Uber reactions videos, to guitar playing, covers, and loopstation sets. This guy has it all!

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1. Beatbox-Rap

And to top off the list, we have our brothers over at the Teamspeak community. The online beatbox scene is growing faster than ever, thanks to the wonderful team that runs beatbox-rap. These guys host tournaments every week and upload all the best battles onto their YouTube channel. If you want to keep up with new techniques and trends, this is the place to do it!

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Honorable Mention:

Beatbox Greece TV

Beatbox Greece TV covers all Balkans zone in great style, meaning 14 different countries are represented under one channel! Big up to the Greek beatbox community!

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