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How to join an online beatbox community

Guide: How to Join an Online Beatbox Community

Jump in and join our online beatbox communities

Don’t have a local beatbox community and have no luck with the communities page? Don’t worry, the online beatbox community is an amazing way to learn new sounds, meet beatboxers, battle, and most importantly, become a part of our beatbox family.

Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about joining an online beatbox community, namely ours 🙂

Which online community should I join?

There are so many platforms that serve different purposes, so we’re going to focus on the five most popular ones: HBB Forums, Discord, Facebook, Teamspeak, and Whatsapp.

Humanbeatbox forums

The forums are a great way to ask for feedback, analyze beatbox, ask for advice, and learn new sounds in an organized way. It’s a strong platform if you want to talk about beatbox and have conversations about the art form!

You can check out the forums here!


Discord is a virtual chat room where beatboxers can jump on and join jams, find battles, and just chat with other beatboxers. Keep reading to learn more about our Discord community and what to expect!

You can join our channel here!


As soon as Facebook gained popularity, beatboxers began to abandon the old forums to form smaller communities on the most popular social media platform. There are numerous Facebook groups you can join to find local beatboxers in the area, but most groups are pretty unregulated and pretty spammy. We’ve got a Facebook group called “We Talk Beatbox: Humanbeatbox” where you can ask questions and talk about beatbox! Be sure to read the rules before posting!


Teamspeak is another app where beatboxers can hop on to chat, jam, battle, and meet other beatboxers. The most popular server is beatbox-rap, which is an excellent community that hosts battles every week and uploads the battles onto YouTube. You can read more about how to download and join here.


Whatsapp is a very popular platform for beatboxers where they can all congregate and leave voice messages and have organized group chats. The best one we know of is the one organized by Beatbox International, which you can join by emailing your information to [email protected].

What should I expect?

Although the online community possesses a different ‘vibe’ from the in-person community, they are excellent nonetheless. It should be noted that these platforms are mostly populated by younger males ages 14-18, which should give you a good sense of what the feel is like.

We’re working hard to moderate our discord channel to ultimately create a positive community for all beatboxers from all backgrounds to come in and enjoy. Just like the gaming community, we face challenges of making it a clean space for everyone - so our mods are hard at work and we would love for you to help keep it that way!

You can read more about what we want to achieve here.

What is discord?

Now, let’s get into what Discord is and how to use it. Discord is a free app that you can use right on your desktop browser or on your phone - Android and iPhone compatible! The audio quality is excellent and there are so many great features like separate chat rooms, private rooms, smart push notifications, and all that jazz.

The main reason we love Discord is the chat and custom bots. The chat is super slick and we’ve got some custom beatboxer emojis too! We also have programmers who are making custom bots to allow you to stream music and watch beatbox videos on the fly.

How do I download Discord?

If you’re on your computer, you can download discord here and if you’re on your phone, you can download discord here.

What can I do on Discord?

Well first and foremost, you can come to just chill and hangout with other beatboxers. However, we do host a wide variety of fun stuff like jams, friendly battles, official tournaments, workshops, Q&A’s and more.

How can I join the HBB Discord Channel?

Easy! Just click here.

What are the rules?

In order to keep this a clean and positive community, here are a few ground rules for the server.

1) No self promotion or spammy content

2) No hate speech, slander, or blatant vulgarity

3) No instigation of hacking or other online assault

4) No "ear rape." Please be mindful of mic usage

5) No sexual or explicit content. This is a community for all ages!(edited)

6) Keep being positive and share the good vibes. If you have any concerns or worries, please contact me or any other mod and we will be more than happy to help you guys out!

Who are the mods?

We have an excellent team of volunteers who make our Discord channel a wonderful place! The admins are Me (Jon Park), JWatFX, and VOIID. We also have numerous chat moderators and programmers to help us out as well.

That’s it!

If you have any questions, please write us in the comments below and we’ll be more than happy to answer them. Hope to see you soon!

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