The tennis pop is a popping sound created when the lower lips smack away from the upper teeth. The name is derived from the fact it sounds like a tennis ball being hit, creating a loud pop. 

Beatboxers like Alexinho and Alem have found use for this fairly odd sound. The sound can be made even odder by vocalizing with it, creating an over-exaggerated “Mmmah”, like the sound associate with eating tasty food. 

Yup, thats the description for this…

Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN)

{ m } - Tennis Pop

{ M } - Signifies added vocalization

How it's done

Start by placing your lower lip over your top teeth. Create suction in your mouth while pulling against the top teeth. With enough suction, the lower lip will give in and a pop is created. 

You can add vocalization to this sound. But you might laugh at the sound… Fair warning.

Video Tutorial:

Tennis Pop Tutorial

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