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Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the week

Gene steals the show | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

Commercials, surprise duos, and crazy shout outs in this week's videos!

There were so many great beatbox videos to choose from this week, that we lied in the title and we’re actually going to bump it up to 12 this time. I hope you don’t mind!

Oh and after reading some comments about the rankings of these videos, I want to emphasize that these rankings are just arbitrary and completely biased towards my personal preferences. We don’t want to make this a competition!

Just thought I’d get that out there. Anyways, let’s get started!

12. BBK | Tweed

To kick off this week's top list, we have our brother BBK is in this commercial with Tweed. We always love seeing our brothers making it big and pushing to further their careers! Big ups, this was dope.

11. Piratheeban | Asia Beatbox Championship

The Korea Beatbox community has been releasing shout out videos of the competitors from the Asia Beatbox Championships. This time, it’s our buddy and the newly crowned Asian champ, Pira who absolutely shreds it - this guy is always 300% percent!

10. Elisii v Inertia

The beatbox-rap family just hosted one of the sickest online battles so far. Elisii takes on Inertia in this crazy bass-heavy and technical battle. This one was such a difficult battle to call!

9. Nattou Takumi | Asia Beatbox Championship Studio Session

Groooooooooovy! This routine goes down as one of my favorites so far from these Asia Beatbox Championship studio sessions. That bassline is so sick and the execution is exceptionally clean. Big up to Nattou Takumi representing the Japanese beatbox family!

8. Grace Savage

Grace Savage, the two-time UK beatbox champion and recent UK tag team champion, brings down the house with this beautiful original piece, Diamonds on Your Skin.What a treat!

7. Elisii v Villain

The Unity charity battles have been incredible so far and we’ve finally made it to the finals, where Elisii takes on Villain. This one was super close and I encourage you to watch the entire thing! Elisii, see you at the Canadian champs!

6. Beatbox Party | BunnyF1uff

If you’ve never explored the comments sections of beatbox videos, then you might not have heard of BunnyF1uff. He’s a popular beatboxer who attributes his rise to fame through his beatbox videos on Call of Duty. This time, he hosts a beatbox party with all the top-gun beatboxers in this fun bit.

5. Alem and Kenny Urban

Alem recently landed a gig in New York City and had to make a pit stop over at the Beatbox House to shoot a collaboration video with none other than Kenny Urban. The combination of American Beef and French finesse is too beautiful.

4. The Beatbox House

The Beatbox House is back at it again with yet another musical number. This time, they work together to promote the American Beatbox Championships, which will be taking place on November 5th and 6th at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York. We’re also starting to wonder if Kenny actually owns any shirts. (Love you)

3. Audical v Inertia

Beatbox Television is back at it with the 360! The two new-new school beatboxers who rightfully made a name for themselves through battling online, battle it out face to face in Ohio. Also, major shoutouts to the lady jamming out behind Inertia.

2. Ball-zeeinho

I’m not sure the world was ready for this, but this combination is absolutely deadly. Ball-Zee and Alexinho present their perfect chemistry by mixing both of their original routines together in this piece. Amazing!

1. Gene | Alone in the Dark

Gene still stands as the only beatboxer who has made me feel an emotion besides hype - he truly is an anomaly. This is truly a masterpiece and we might even do an entire article breaking this one down! Major shoutouts to Adam and Beatbox Television. Oh. and be sure to go and download this one, because this guy just made history.



That's it for this week! Are you enjoy? Please let us know by sharing and liking! Thanks HBB fam - until next time.


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