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Musicality on Point! | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

Musicality on Point! | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

Hello and welcome to another roundup of the internet’s best beatbox videos!

Can you smell it? It’s Grand Beatbox Wildcard season. It's the season when the best beatboxers from all around the world take out their cameras and shoot the best routines they've ever come up with for a chance to fly to Switzerland and compete against the best beatboxers in the world. And this week, we're all blessed to sit back and enjoy them.

This was yet another crazy week so when I put together the list initially, we started with 16 and I tried my best to narrow it down to 12. Hope you guys enjoy!

12. Contrix | Grand Beatbox Wildcard Entry

First up, we have Contrix, the 2-time UK Champion. He’s really leveling up this year and seriously gunning to not only be the 3-time UK Champion, but also the Grand Beatbox Battle 2017 Champion. This wildcard video shows us why he’s one of the most decorated UK beatboxers out there.

11. Supernova | Belgian Beatbox Champion

Here you have it folks, the 2016 Belgian Beatbox Champion, Supernova. Man his flow says it all. Well deserved, Supernova - congratul-esh-ions!

10. Inertia v F.R.K.

We absolutely love the work beatbox-rap has been putting together as of late. This is a wonderful battle between Inertia from the United States and F.R.K. from Egypt. Big up to the online teamspeak community!

9. Napom | Beatbox House Party

NaPoM, or Dr. Napes, rather - showcases this super sick routine at the Beatbox House Party, which is an event that the Beatbox House organizes on a monthly basis in New York City. If you stay and watch the entirety of these BTV’s videos, you can see my embarrassing cameos. What can I say? I love the Beatbox House.

8. Hiss | Grand Beatbox Wildcard

Hiss from Korea is truly becoming a beatbox sensation. Hiss really flexes his muscles in this Grand Beatbox Battle entry video, and continues to make the Korean beatbox community proud. Oh and since Two.H is out of the Korean military - I’m sure they’ve been plotting beatbox world domination. I can’t wait to see these two in action!

7. OneDrain | Grand Beatbox Wildcard Entry

Our brother OneDrain takes his iconic “feel the bass” routine and puts a unique spin to it with hopes to win the Grand Beatbox Battle Wildcard. His throat bass is truly unmatched and that sound at 2:04 is absolutely phenomenal. We also had the opportunity to interview this guy - so stay tuned for an article next week!

6. Uber Beatbox Reactions | Mr. Wobbles

Wobbles hits the road once again in this hilarious Uber beatbox reactions video. Wobbles continues to work hard to put out amazing content and has been an amazingly creative contributor to our community. He also qualified to participate in the loopstation battles and is looking for some support so he can fly in to New York City to compete! All the details are in the video description :).

5. Polyrhythm | Bring it On

Wow - Polyrhythm has to win the award of one of the most improved tag teams. B-Art and Timmeh flex their muscles in this shoutout video called “Bring it On.” These guys are ready to fight. #TeamPoly

4. Zarra Larrson | Ain’t My Fault

We at absolutely love content like this! A beatboxer teams up with a violinist and vocalist to produce this beautiful cover of “Ain’t My Fault.” Viobox - you’ve got competition!

3. Kaila | Post Modern Lullaby

It’s really rare to come across loop station videos that focus on the lyrical component of a performance. Kaila performed this at the Beatbox House Party and it was absolutely phenomenal - a true piece of art. I’d encourage you to listen to the lyrics and appreciate this complete performance by Kaila.

2. Robin | Grand Beatbox Wildcard Entry

Wow! Talk about a GBBB contender! Robin from France kicks major ass in this GBBB entry. It’s like fitting a jigsaw puzzle together - the journey at first seems a little confusing but the complete piece is an absolute masterpiece. Stroke of genius!

1. Thorsen: Only Music | SBX Artist Week

Huge huge shoutouts to the Swissbeatbox team and Thorsen partnering up to create a massively entertaining artist’s week. “Only Music” was one of my personal favorite pieces that Thorsen performed at the Grand Beatbox Battle and I’m so happy Swissbeatbox decided to put in the effort to make this a full on music video. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the entertainment!

Bonus: Alem | GUBAL PANArt | "Regarder vers l'horizon"

If 12 videos weren’t enough for you, Alem released a much anticipated gubal piece. There isn’t beatboxing involved, but let’s take the time to appreciate the musical genius and virtuoso, Alem.


Oh and if you're still reading, we've updated the communities and partners pages, showcasing all the beatboxing communities from around the world. Take a look and if you don't see your local community being represented, shoot us a message!

Thanks liking, sharing, and commenting! Until next time - Jon Park out!


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